We’d like to thank our Contributors by giving back.

Quarterly Appreciation

Every contributor who satisfies the following criteria will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Visa Gift Card to the contributor with the most points.

  • Submit¬†at least 8 submissions (articles or videos) that are published on the Woman True website¬†during the quarter.
  • Have at least 5 unique comments/threads generated by readers on the website.
  • Liked their article/video on Facebook.
  • Shared their article/video on Facebook.
  • Liked their article/submission on Pinterest.
  • Tweeted their submission.

This will start January 1, 2017.

Monthly Appreciation


Every contributor who meets the following criteria will be entered into drawing to win $25 gift card, AMC card, or other token of appreciation of same or lesser value.

  • Submit at least three submissions that are published within that calendar month.
  • Liked their submission on Facebook.
  • Shared and commented on their submission on Facebook.
  • Retweeted and commented on their submission on Twitter.
  • Liked their article (image) on Pinterest.


Woman True reserves the right to change criteria or discontinue at any time.