Need to Jump Start those Creative Juices?


Here are our core areas of focus for our content along with a flurry of ideas to get you going.  It’s not all-inclusive, but it gives you a good starting point.  If you’re ever in doubt about an idea you have for an article or video, contact us at



Work.   You can write about experiences that mighpencils- black with white eraserst be helpful to our readers, tips, management, interviewing, etc.


 high heel with receiptMoney/Business.   Got a lot of business savvy you wish to share.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or hold a position of authority, we welcome content from all different perspectives.

couple in bedRelationships.  Do your friends always come to you for good advice?  Got a story that all women must hear?  Please share!


Food.  Are you a foodie?  Is whole foods the only way to go? Do you have killer recipes?



Music.  Any topic about music is welcome except for music that applauds misogyny and violence towards women.

PoliticsCarly-Fiorina-Speaking.   We accept editorials, well-crafted studies, etc.  You can be biased.  You can be opinionated but No hate-filled content will be published.

 Editorianewspaper-and-glasses-opinion-editorial stamped acrossls. Do you have a way with words?  Do you typically win at debates?  Please convince us and our audience with your compelling content.

Science &HolmesTopVisual Technology.  From the Zika virus to Alzheimers to the best smartphone, we’re looking always looking for content.  We do appreciate supporting links and references for these types of submission unless they are more experience-based pieces.

  Health (MRear shot of woman about to exerciseental and Physical).  You can tell us about eating whole foods to your first experience with hot yoga.

Family.  This encompasses marriage, maintAfrican American Mother and Childaining a household, a million and one how-to’s of keeping it all together, divorce, blended families and everything in between.

 lightbulbsEntrepreneurship.  This is a great place to share your nuggets of wisdom with our audience.  Articles should not be an advertorial but real content.

 Egyptian women protesting in Tahir SquareNational and World Issues.  If you are an experienced writer, we’d love to receive real-time content.  It’s important that these articles come in as quickly as the events are happening so that we aren’t “dated” before we get started.  All topics are open as long as they relate to one of the areas of focus.

 woman readingBooks.  Are you an avid reader and wish you had someone to tell about your newest favorite book?


  Glamorous White Women Black LeotardFashion/Style/Beauty.  Calling all fashion and beauty divas!  Share your fashion sense with WT Nation.

 George PimentelEntertainment.  Okay, we don’t exactly follow the Kardashians on this site, but we do welcome interesting articles about the entertainment industry- music, movies, fashion shows, and events.  If you live in a major city like New York or LA, be sure to let us know so that we can collab on getting you access to some events to cover.

Education.  Do you have great tips on how to budget?  Have a story about your journey of going back to school of being out books-441866_1920for so long and have some advice for others doing the same?  Are you a teacher who wishes you had a platform to talk to students so they would be successful?  Send us your content.

 Sex.  Yetwo people in sexual position black and whites, we went there.  Any and all content will be accepted as long as it does not promote abuse against women.  It’s okay to be naughty, but be nice about it.

Shoshopwithpurposepping.  Are you a Couponista?  Do you know the best place to buy shoes on the cheap?  These are just a few ideas, but there are a lot of different topics that you could write about.

 Pin on US Map New YorkTravel.  If “Have passport, will travel” is your mantra, share your travel tips, stories, and best vacations with Woman True Nation.

woman-holding-green-glass-globeStewardship/Recycling/Environment.  Being good stewards of our world is important.  If this is something that you are passionate about, share that passion with the rest of the world.


Relaxation.  Meditation.  Prayer.  Massage. what’s your favorite way to decompress?


 Don’t see the area you’re looking for?  

Let us know.