Sometimes we are so busy nurturing others, that we stress ourselves out in the process. We spread ourselves too thin and risk our physical and emotional health. For the woman that takes care of so many others, here are seven helpful tips to de-stress your week (so you are not in distress).


Plan Ahead

Picking one day to do your heavy cooking and prepping can allow you to not only put together healthy meals, but also leave you with precious free time throughout the rest of your week.  For instance, if you cook a chicken or roast on Sunday, you can chop up the chicken to make tacos or burritos.  Later in the week, you can also make chicken salad or chicken Caesar salad. It’s possible to get three meals out of one chicken!  And you can do the same thing with the roast. By adding rice and vegetables, you have a delicious, easy meal, or try chopping it up and using it in enchiladas.  Now let’s not forget to re-purpose that leftover rice.  With a can of tomato sauce, you can make Spanish rice along with a side and there you have another meal!   Although it costs you a extra little in time that particular day, it saves even more time later in the week.


Take the Time to Relax

Take a bubble bath. Read a book. Sit and reflect while you have a cup of coffee.  It’s “me” time. If you do not have a particular way to wind down, try yoga. It has many physical and mental benefits. It can be done in a dedicated space at home with a mat along with a YouTube video or you may wish to take a yoga class.




BreatImage result for breathehe

The third tip for keeping calm and stress free is mindful deep breathing.   According to the American Institute of Stress, deep breathing increases the oxygen supply to the brain which promotes calmness and reduces stress.   In combination with breathing,  try coming up with a keyword or thought that instantly calms you.  I learned this tip in a seminar a long time ago and it works!  When you are stressed or angry, stop and take several deep breaths. Do not speak or react. Breathe.  Then respond.  Do not simply react to stressful situations before taking a moment to calm yourself.  Take the time you need, tuck you hair behind your ear, and think to yourself, “I am  a Goddess, and I will act accordingly.”

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Have a fun, positive outlook.  Everything will be okay.  You have control over yourself and your emotions. You have control and that makes all the difference in the world. Your attitude is what makes everything better.  Remember, those aren’t just dirty dishes in the sink.  Those dirty dishes mean that we had food to eat!




Do not try to be Superwoman.  Ask for help and delegate. “If you want something done right do it yourself ,” is over rated and out-dated.  Communication and providing loving instructions to a child or partner is the best way to get your agenda carried out.  Don’t go solo any more.  Build a team.  A team effort goes a long way and much more can get done in the long run than trying to do everything on your own.

Image result for mentorPartner and Mentor

Partner and communicate with like-minded positive people.  Tap those people to help you channel your inner strength.  If you have a particular person in your circle that is negative or derogatory, minimize or stop contact altogether (if possible).



whiteboard, post-it notes, planning, business, working, designBe Flexible

And lastly, be flexible. Being rigid on a self-imposed schedule or stuck on a specific way on how things should be carried out is not healthy and can cause unnecessary stress.   It might also lead to tasks not being completed.  Flexibility allows you to bend or change the way things need to be done.  So adjust accordingly without completely breaking down and getting stressed out in the process.