Wouldn’t you rather shine your light and be outstanding than blend into the background?

Here are the nine ultimate tips to stay authentic to the “true you” in every situation.

  1. First, listen to your intuition. Ask yourself what you really want when making a decision. If you are not used to listening to your inner voice, you may need to practice hearing it.


  1. Recognize that there are always options, and review your own assumptions. You have the power to choose your response in any context. Evaluate or create the available options to improve or change the situation.


  1. Question the assumptions others make about you. You can do this without being defensive or angry, simply state your preference and stick to it. This gets easier the more you do it.


  1. Monitor your self-talk, especially the “shoulds.” Counter negative repetitive thoughts with positive affirmations. (Example: “I am stupid, I should know better. I always make this mistake.” Counter with, “I am intelligent, and I now choose a different way to handle this situation.”)


  1. Practice setting healthy boundaries. Start out with little things to build your courage and confidence.


  1. Realize that being authentic may cause ripples in your life, especially if you are used to pleasing others before yourself. People expect you to stay the same from day-to-day and may be surprised when you start asserting yourself more. You may be surprised as you gain more respect from others!


  1. Speak your truth with compassion.


  1. Be compassionate with yourself. Transformation takes time, commitment and patience.


  1. Meditation is an excellent way to get in touch with your inner feelings and find solutions to daily problems. Create some time and space for you. Make a date with yourself. Play music; take a candlelight bath or a walk in nature.

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