Remember the acronym LAW this 4th of July weekend to keep you and your family safe when using fireworks.


Follow the  federal law and local ordinances when purchasing and using fireworks.

  1. Purchase your fireworks from a licensed vendor.
  2. Check with your local ordinance to find out if fireworks are allowed. Many municipalities only allow certain types of fireworks.  Find out which ones (i.e. all consumer fireworks v safe and sane).  This can save you in embarrassment and fines, and money wasted  on fireworks that could get confiscated.


Keep fireworks away from flammable objects and keep a safe distance.

  1. Don’t hold fireworks. Lay them a hard surface and aim them away from buildings, trees, bushes, pets, other people AND YOURSELF.
  2. Don’t stand over any device while lighting.
  3. Little children really should not handle any type of fireworks, not even the “safe and sane.” A sparkler can reach a temperature of 2000 degrees.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission‘s statistics from the Fourth of July festivities in 2003 indicate that sparklers were involved in a majority (57%) of fireworks injuries sustained by children under five years of age.
  4. If device doesn’t light or detonate, don’t go near it for several minutes.


Keep water handy at all times.

  1. Have a garden hose that’s already hooked up and ready to go in case a fire breaks out.
  2. Have a bucket (or buckets depending on how many fireworks you discharge) to place discharged fireworks. A smoldering device can cause a fire.
  3. If device doesn’t light or detonate, and several minutes have passed, douse with water, then let it sit several more minutes.

Have a Safe Holiday

Before you light your first firecracker, have a discussion with children about safety and what to do if they catch on fire:  stop, drop, and roll.  At the end of the night, do a final sweep of area to make sure no debris is secretly smoldering out of sight.

This is not an all-inclusive list but it should definitely increase the chances of an injury-free holiday.  Are there any other safety measures that you use on the 4th?  If so, please be sure to share with your fellow Truepers.