New man, same situation.

New job, same drama.

New year’s resolutions were last year’s resolutions.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes we find ourselves repeating the same situations over and over again. Level UP!  It’s time to move on to the next level in your life .


black-woman-depressed-thinking-about-resolutions-not-keptThere is a common denominator in all these situations and it is you, my dear.  It’s you.  Sometimes it’s hard to accept that we are creating our lives through our actions and thoughts on a day to day basis.  Some call it a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I also think about Proverbs 23:7,

Whatever a man thinketh, so is he.

Thoughts are powerful because they become things or in this sense, people and situations.  I have learned that sometimes we go through things in our life over and over again until we get the lesson.  We have to change how we think about ourselves in the midst of the situation.  We must change our perception unless we want to continue this merry-go-round of pain and distortion.

I’ve realized God will keep us in the same situation until we get the lesson.

Then and only then, can we move on to the next level.  Depressed-woman-on-couch-looking-depressedJust like the children of Israel wandering the wilderness for forty years, God will do the same to you. Your procrastination is a sign of unbelief. Maybe you have never realized this, but your inability to see your weaknesses and grow is a sign of unbelief to God.

God requires our faith.  However, faith without works is dead.  It is the essence of the insightful book, “The Secret” and more than wishing on a star or saying positive affirmations repetitively. It is our actions behind our faith or positive mantras that will propel us forward.  If he gives you signs in your life and you continue to ignore them, this is a sign of disobedience or your out of alignment with his will for your life. So, he keeps you going in circles.  By all means, a positive attitude is needed and intentional affirmations are a must but we must complete an internal check up to make sure we are no longer subconsciously holding ourselves back from

Let’s make a promise to our future selves and God to graduate from the level we’re on. God wants to give us the very best, but only if were ready. With each new level, there will be new challenges and obstacles to overcome.  However, we do not want to continue fighting the same battles on level 5 we had on level 2. God will just keep you on level 2 because the mental and spiritual strength needed for level 2 can’t handle level 5 success.  Change is hard but necessary.  There will be growing pains but it will be worth it in the end.