My baby girl probably was a little more than a month old and the strain of having five children (four having been born consecutively four years in a row).  Exhaustion is an understatement.  With me already going a breakup and being overweight, I needed to take control over what I could do to help relieve some of my stress. That was to get healthier and in better shape.
it-works-logoBy a struck of luck, I came across a company called It Works, which allowed me to distribute their health products and make money while doing it.  I was now a mommy of five – a new born, three toddlers and and my oldest.   My truck payment was due.  I was living with my mother.  Overworked and beyond over stressed, I saw the vision and happily paid the $113.00 dollars to begin my own health and wellness company.  First in order was for me to use the products and develop my own opinion and prayerfully change my own image and just like the name, “it works.”

I also began a healthier lifestyle change, but never imagined that my dream of remaking myself would become a reality, so quickly.  In my first three months, along with healthier eating habits, I lost sixty pounds.   Yes, sixty pounds.  It was safe to say that my products worked.  The icing on the cake was not only did they work, but I was basically getting paid for the weight that I lost.  It became a win-win!  In my first nine months,  I lost a total of 100 pounds. By this time I had my healthy eating regiment down pact.   Over time I have become a sort of health guru when it came to preparing healthier meals.  Despising dieting, I wanted to make sure that I achieved the maximum amount of results without dieting, but with clean eating.  With so many people jumping on every new health craze (with unsustainable results) and already receiving flack about the use weight loss products to assist me on my journey, I wanted to do it “somewhat right”.   I wanted to show that you can use my products and lose weight with natural herbs and botanicals assisting you.  Just as anything with anything, you still have to apply yourself.


Granola bar picture for articleI admit that I stopped quite a few times during this transformation period.  Reason being, I became frustrated because I couldn’t see the weight leaving as quickly as others that were using it.  I had to change my train of thought because I had become so consumed with losing the weight, I started to forget about being healthy.  Yes, I was eating healthier, but I needed to identify what was I NOT doing.  There were days that I would only eat three meals a day. There were some days that I would grab a “low-calorie” bar or granola bar of some sort.   I began to think of how much more impact my efforts would have if I chose fresh fruit instead of that low calorie or carb snack; by replacing it with a food that would not only give me energy but also positive results for my physique.  I not only began to eat more fruit throughout the day, I also began to use fresh ingredients.  Instead of looking for a quick meal I made a quick meal. That simple.

Now the exercise didn’t come until later in the game.  I should say, “exercising consistently.”  From there, my body literally took on a new form. As I said before, with anything you have to be consistent.  So as my body shifted in new areas and places I began to think that I was becoming fat all over again, but really, I was just going through “the shift.”  I call it “the shift” because I noticed that as my weight dropped, my body mass shifted in different areas. Experiencing all these new changes with the physical appearance of my body had my mind going haywire for a moment!

I still have days where I feel like I am still to big or not as toned to wear certain things and then once I ask others they look at me like I am crazy. LOL!  I’m more thankful now in this body.  I am aware that a lot of mothers that have multiples become comfortable with being uncomfortable and accept it.  That is just something that I didn’t want for myself.  I didn’t want that for myself.  I wanted a richer quality of life that allowed me to physically keep up with my children.


Take Baby Steps.

Your transformation will not be easy.  There will be days that you wake up and don’t feel like doing certain things. That is perfectly normal. And it is okay to have a slow day.  But still commit to something throughout your day to hold you accountable and over time, it will begin to become a routine. Baby steps.

Stay motivated.

And if you want the candy bar…EAT THE CANDY BAR. Just be mindful of eating the whole candy bar. Get the little bite sized candies. You have to think outside the box. Do not deprive yourself. That is a sure way to begin eat the moment that you come off of whatever diet that you are on.

Teach yourself new ways to cook.

You will grow to enjoy cooking for yourself.  Step outside of the box and create something new.  I love cooking so much that I literally dream about new recipes to concoct and often experiment with a new dish that I may have just seen in passing.   Eating clean does NOT have to be boring. I can assure you.


If you have any more questions or would like for me to help you get on track email me at  I have tons of ideas, exercise routines, meal plans, and daily accountability lessons to share with you along your journey.

And remember that being fat, is simply F-inding A-ccountability in Transition.