Womantrue.com proudly supports the women of Bangladesh of Hajiganj Artisans from BangladeshHajiganj Handicrafts is located in Syedpur, in one of the poorest parts of Bangladesh.   HH was created out of necessity.  The people had very limited education, no permanent work, therefore minimal income.

Women had virtually no  opportunity to work outside of their household responsibilities.  However, the women did have a very specific skill-knowledge of crochet work.

Training was initiated with ten women to augment their skillset in order to produce quality products that could be successfully exported.  These original ten women, used a “train-the-trainer” approach and started training other women.

Much like the underlying mission of Woman True nation which is to bring women from all walks of life together from across the world to help and mentor one another.

In August 2006, Hajiganj Handicrafts was formed.  Ofcourse, there were obstacles that faced such as obtaining the raw materials and financing these purchases, but like most determined women, their persistence, and hard work kept this important project alive.

In October 2006, the decision was made by the Job Creation Programme that Hajiganj Handicrafts was producing the quality and quantity needed to maintain a sustainable enterprise.   Thirty-five regular artisans and an additional seventy seasonal artisans were employed to give HH that boost it needed.

Unfortunately at the end of 2007, Hajiganj was floudering with no new orders and the very livelihood of these women were in danger.  With the help of Siham Craftlink and Prokritee, new ideas were infused and now Hajiganj was able to create a new beautiful line of retro items.

Some of the items have beautiful beadwork designed into the crochet pattern sure to make a fashion statement for all those who buy them.   Woman True carries several of their items.  Start shopping with a purpose today!

(Information summarized from data obtained from Hajiganj Handicrafts website.)

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