Summer is here and it truly is the best time of the year to approach your fitness goals. These goals can be as simple as walking for 25 minutes a day to running a marathon. I know it may seem like it is an odd time of year to start such activities (especially if you are breaking ground on the whole fitness thing) but it is a great time to kick start some healthy habits without any contracts or introduction fees at gyms or fitness centers. Sunshine and hitting local hiking trails or recreational parks is a great way to get fit without stressing out the budget.

1. Get in Shape While Exploring the Great Outdoors!

Philadelphia Art Museum Steps

I am based in Philadelphia and we are a fitness frenzy city. The Art Museum steps (The Rocky Steps) is a popular tourist attraction, but those steps are also the stomping grounds of many local runners, daily boot-camps and weekly yoga sessions during the spring and summer months. Utilize your outdoor resources to get into the swing of things and find what works for you! It may not be here in Philadelphia, but I am sure there are plenty of trails, bike rentals kiosks or local building steps you can take advantage of in your city!


2.  FoFit Woman Holding Barbellsrget the bells and whistles. Smaller gyms give great value and the same results.

By winter you may just be craving that time with your favorite running sneakers or lonely yoga mat and maybe you will decide to join the gym for the cold months to keep the warm months alive. The key is to find a local, small business style gym or fitness studio that do not require you to sign a contract. This way you can find a facility that works for you and you can even cancel or freeze your membership during the warmer months if that is where you feel more comfortable working-out. The key to keeping-up with staying active is to find what works FOR YOU!



3. Connect with New Exercise Buddies!

Meetup Name Badge is a great place to find local groups in your area to go hiking with, go running with or even find free fitness classes in your area. Joining groups that meet regularly is a way to dedicate time to fitness as well, some of us need that commitment and accountable in order to stick with working-out. also has groups for getting together with fellow dog owners to take your dogs on hikes or to parks for playdates. I have found really wonderful groups to join through-out the year. Check it out!


4. Not just for selfies anymore. “Picture” yourself fit this summer!

Instagram Logo

Instagram is another great way to see what is going on in your city! @Cityfitgirls is a great Instagram account to follow if you are Philadelphia based. Local running stores like City Sports host fun runs weekly! Not only is it a great way to stay healthy, but you get to meet some wonderful new people in the process. Most local business are on Instagram these days. Search to see what accounts your friends are following or what your local running store is following. I am certain if running is the direction you are heading in, you will find groups in your area to follow.

5.  Join a fitness movement!

November Project members getting warmed up.

Lastly, The November Project is a FREE fitness movement that started in Boston and now has made it to over 15 major cities across the country. These fitness gatherings are not only a great work-out, but the motivation that is encouraged to support each other to reach your fitness goals is nothing short of amazing. It is really inspirational to see total strangers take genuine interest in supporting and encouraging the people around them to succeed. If you are interested in learning more about The November Project, you should check out their website:


I hope you all decide to get out there and join the frenzy! I have been through the journey of weight loss and finding fitness over the last three years and I know it is not easy. Feel free to send me a note if you ever want to chat about your fitness journey and/or want any advice on how to reach your goals. I may not be an expert, but the start to my fitness journey was hard and discouraging. I am really happy I pushed-up through the weak moments of wanting to sit on the sofa or get that extra 45 minutes of sleep. It gets easier, I promise.