Sometimes you just need to say…ME…ME…ME!  And it’s not just me saying that.  A recent Oprah conversation with Iyanla Vanzant suggested taking time for yourself is not selfish but self-full.  I like to think of it more along the lines of being self-love.   Usually, it is at this time our self talk begins to chime-in swearing that we just do NOT have the time.  Really, no time for ourselves. The dirty lies of the mind are seemingly without bounds. 😉

Russell Simmons- Business Magnate, Activist, and Avid Yoga Practioner Photo Source:

We need at least 5-10 minutes of ME time everyday for our overall health and well being.  Russell Simmons’ quotes an old Yoga adage in his book Super Rich suggesting that if you do not have 20 minutes to devote completely to yourself, then you need at least two hours.  The point being that we have to give ourselves some time to replenish and re-center.

I learned this practice once I began doing 20- minute meditation sessions twice daily.  I use the term learn because it did not come naturally.  Something always came up and always seemed more important than my meditation.  I began to recognize this is part of the process.  First we need to dedicate time for ourselves before we could ever begin to keep all other distractions away.

Now that I do so much yoga, I do not participate in the daily meditation sessions.  After all of that practice with quieting the mind, all I need now is a little bit of “Me time” away from the hustle and bustle of everything to re-center and refocus.   Honestly, the first 15 minutes of my past meditation sessions were used up by countless thoughts dancing in my head.  During the last 5 minutes my mind would finally begin to relax and the session was over.  I began to do hour-long sessions just to feel like I did anything at all.

Weirdly, I learned that 5 minutes or 45 minutes of a relaxed mind is pretty much the same – I am just at ease and relaxed the very minute my mind calms down.  Luckily, you do not have to spend months practicing before you can get a taste of what I am referring to.   Ancient breathing methods are available to us if we do a little bit of research.   If you are interesting in learning more about these methods, I would suggest doing a search for Pranayama breathing.  Maya Fiennes has a great Kundalini Yoga video that is a great tool as well.


In the meantime, dedicate at least 10 minutes to yourself after work today.  You are no good to anyone with a mind full of to-do list and incomplete plans.  And reading this article does not count.  ME time is a loving time that no one and nothing gets through to touch your mind.  Let all those thoughts go and allow the true you to shine through.