Author: Stevie Nichole Delgado

Women Gamers: The Struggle is Real

For over a dozen years, since Xbox Live first started allowing gamers to play video games online, I have personally experienced sexist behavior at the hands of other players.  When I was young and new to online multiplayer gaming.  I was told that video games are for guys only. They have guns, monsters, violence and sexual themes. Obviously themes that only big, strong men can handle. With all the swords, fantasy fights and dragons, no girl should ever be interested in them. It’s a pity that I’ve had to endure insults, harassment, and online attacks just for enjoying playing...

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I’m Not Lazy: A Mom’s Story of Depression

Every Day is a Challenge It was Saturday afternoon, no one had to get up early for school but we had been up since 8 A.M nonetheless. It had been only been a few hours and we hadn’t done anything exhausting, but I’m struggling to keep up.  At nearly six years old and almost two, the kids were quite active. They wanted to play in the park area outside our apartment.  Play dolls or roll trucks.  They wanted to be loud and rowdy. I only wanted to sleep.   Parents want naps.  It happens.  Most people, in general, want...

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5 Secrets Nobody Told Me About Having a Second Child

When I first announced I was having my second child, I was told all the usual stories of what to expect. That being said, there are plenty of things no one warned me about. I had done my research.  I listened to tips from other seasoned parents of more than one child.  I also had my personal experience with my own brothers but still, I was not prepared for what was to come. Our daughter was four when we brought the baby home.  She was excited to be a big sister-  honestly, she was. For any parents expecting their second...

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