Author: Peggy Bartlett

Are You a Chameleon? Quiz

Chameleons change color according to the environment in order to camouflage or “blend in.” You can probably think of someone who is like a chameleon, who changes his or her demeanor depending on the context.  I knew a woman who completely changed when she was around her boyfriend. She only had eyes for him, and did everything possible to please him, ignoring everyone else.     Does this sound familiar?  Are you a Chameleon?   [os-widget path=”/nicolemcgruder/are-you-a-chameleon” of=”nicolemcgruder” comments=”false”] If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, consider taking action with the nine tips you need to know...

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Nine Tips to Help You Be Authentic in Everything You Do

Wouldn’t you rather shine your light and be outstanding than blend into the background? Here are the nine ultimate tips to stay authentic to the “true you” in every situation. First, listen to your intuition. Ask yourself what you really want when making a decision. If you are not used to listening to your inner voice, you may need to practice hearing it.   Recognize that there are always options, and review your own assumptions. You have the power to choose your response in any context. Evaluate or create the available options to improve or change the situation.  ...

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Will the “Real You” Please Stand Up

“Persona” – derived from Latin, meaning mask or character in a drama. Do you don a different persona for work, family or friends? Will “the real” you please stand up? Multiple Personalities We define ourselves by the multiple roles we play—career, social, political, family (spouse, parent, child, sibling), etc. We end up with different sets of behavior for the various people and contexts in our lives. This doesn’t mean that we suffer multiple personality disorder in the clinical sense. But if our various “roles” take us out of integrity with ourselves, it is time to pay attention. We will...

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