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The Social Importance of Shopping With a Purpose

Just think about that last purse you bought from the mall or that last chocolate bar that was oh so good.  Think about all the products you use on a daily basis. Do you know where these products come from?  Do you know who made them?  A lot of the clothing you wear, the soap you use, electronics that you are use all come from or were partly manufactured in another country. So far so good.  So what’s the big deal?   How about no pay, human trafficking, physical abuse, no dignity, and child abuse?  Becoming more socially aware of...

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SEXY CREDIT SERIES: Part One: Order Your Report

Everyone is all a buzz about getting fit for the summer. We are all trying to get that Beyonce bod for the beach so that new dress will hang just right, but what about getting your credit fit.   Good credit is indeed very sexy; and now is as good a time as any to not only focus on your physique but also your financial fitness.  Your first course of action in getting the sexy credit you want, is knowing what’s on your credit report. “Saggy-Bottom” Credit Did you put that Weight Watcher’s plan on your credit card and...

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Must Read: LAW will keep you safe on the 4th of July

Remember the acronym LAW this 4th of July weekend to keep you and your family safe when using fireworks. Law Follow the  federal law and local ordinances when purchasing and using fireworks. Purchase your fireworks from a licensed vendor. Check with your local ordinance to find out if fireworks are allowed. Many municipalities only allow certain types of fireworks.  Find out which ones (i.e. all consumer fireworks v safe and sane).  This can save you in embarrassment and fines, and money wasted  on fireworks that could get confiscated. Away Keep fireworks away from flammable objects and keep a safe distance. Don’t...

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“The Largest Free Concert” Back in the City of Brotherly Love

Yes, the largest free concert in the US is back this year in Philly.  Rounding out a week long block party, this concert will end the July 4th holiday with a musical bang! The concert starts at 7p and ends at about 10:30pm.  Fireworks will commence directly afterwards- rain or no rain.  They will be launched over the Philadelphia Museum of Art- definitely a site to see. Here is the line up: The Roots   Miguel       Jennifer Nettles MKTO Zella Day Twin Ghost   If you’ll have your face in the place, be sure to post...

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The Ultimate Fireworks Shows for 2015

Here are Woman True’s top picks for the 2015 July 4th holiday for the hottest fireworks displays in the country! Every city is proud of their fireworks show and rightly so, but there are some that really do it big time.  If you have the luck OF being in one of the following cities, be sure to check the pyrotechnic extravaganzas that will be firing off on the 4th. (Video clips from previous years have been included so you can get a peek at what all the hub bub is about!) [divider]2015 Ultimate Fireworks Across the Nation[/divider]   BOSTON, MA Pops Fireworks...

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Shop with a Purpose

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