Author: Grace Marion

Nude Photos Bring Down “Facebook 2.0”

In Jan. 2015, a former pledge of fraternity Kappa Delta Rho, James Vivenzio, 21, revealed the details of an invitation-only Facebook page where KDR members regularly discussed the use and sale of illegal drugs in addition to posting nude photos of intoxicated women, sometimes unconscious or being sexually assaulted, to police. As a result of this discovery, in May, Penn State, the school of the chapter of KDR where the above events occurred, annulled the fraternity’s recognition on campus for the next three years. The annulment of the KDR chapter’s recognition on the Penn State campus was a reversal...

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New Iraqi Law Set to Send Middle Eastern Women’s Rights Movement Back in Time

To most people in the developed world to marry off a 9-year-old girl would be unthinkable. Today, in an effort to attract support from the country’s Shia Muslims’, Iraq’s parliament is set to approve legislation legalizing child marriage and marital rape. This new legislation, if passed, would rupture the rights of women and girls in a country whose legal code has long been considered one of the most blatantly progressive in the Middle East. Current Iraqi marriage restrictions, which are extremely similar to those present in most Jurisdictions of the United States, does not allow marriage until the age...

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