Author: Candance Rogers

My 100-Pound Journey

My baby girl probably was a little more than a month old and the strain of having five children (four having been born consecutively four years in a row).  Exhaustion is an understatement.  With me already going a breakup and being overweight, I needed to take control over what I could do to help relieve some of my stress. That was to get healthier and in better shape. By a struck of luck, I came across a company called It Works, which allowed me to distribute their health products and make money while doing it.  I was now a mommy...

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The Truth about Being F.A.T.

For four years of my life, I was huge.  Yes.  I said it.  Huge!  Most people have a hard time admitting this.  NOT ME.  Despite me “accepting” my size, everyone around me knew that I that I was uncomfortable with my extra pounds.   I dressed with no confidence and didn’t care about my appearance – my poor choices in wardrobe, my toxic relationship, and extra weight had ballooned up around me, literally. Most ‘big girls,’as we have affectionately stamped ourselves (better known as “BG’s”) walk around as if we are completely and totally comfortable with ourselves. Honestly speaking,...

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“Mommy: Where’s Daddy?”

The Candace Rogers Series: Family Life After the Big Split Part 1- “Mommy: Where’s Daddy?” [column size=one_half position=first ] “Mommy, where’s daddy?” Okay.  I get this question a lot.  In the beginning, it was a very difficult question for me to answer.  So I might imagine that you too, may have a difficult time answering this question.  So in the beginning, my answer to this was not to answer it at all. Not a good choice. Be honest with yourself.  The only way to answer the question honestly is being able to own that you are not in a good...

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